The internet is a magical world, isn’t it? lol

I’ve always liked online games. I’ve been playing Poupeé Girl for like two years now, and I always keep looking for new games to pass time by.

One day, curiosity hit me: are there any games about nails?

To my discoveries.

Flash Nails Game

This is a flash game, as the name already says. You can choose between six different options of nail polish, put glitter, flowers, french tip, little rocks, nail art, etc.

You just drag what you want to the nails, one by one. The cool thing about this game is that it gives some ideas of what to do with the nail on real life.

Manicure Game

It’s just like the one before, but with a few different options of colors and nail art.

Nail Fashion Manicure

This one is not too fashion neither too inspiring. It’s more for people who like games than for the ones who like nails.

To start the game, click on the first rectangle. A series of five nails will show up on the bottom part, each one with different colors and drawings.

The main goal of the game is to match the colors and the drawings as fast as possible.

New Manicure Try

Here you also choose colors and tracing to puto on the nails. But be careful, If you smudge the nail polish, you’re gonna have to do it all over again! lol

Miranda Manicure

The hands are real, so it’s more realistic.

Make Up Artist

This is kind of like memory game. After you choose one of the three characters, you’re gonna need to memorize the nails (form, nail polish, aplication) and them reproduct it.

It’s a little difficult to play, you have to click and drag each item (if you want the nail polish to be darker, you have to apply another layer).

Once your done with the nails, you have to do the same with hair/jewelry and than the makeup.

Dream Toes

This is a foot game! xD

You can choose the color of the skin, the sandals, the accesories, and even the nail polish.

For that, you only have to click on the side buttons. =)

Pimp My Feet

Also for the feet! They have a big variety of nail polish, sandals, anklets, etc. To play, you just have to click and drag.

Wow! Who would have said that there were so many different games about nails? I was shocked! If you Google it, you’ll find even more.

Have fun!

Smack! =*


Original post by Fê Serodio. Translated by Aline Diniz.

13.08.2010 às 13:44
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Hey, girls!

On today’s post, I’m going to show you my experience with french tips. =P

I was never a big fan of traditional french tips. Not because I think it’s ugly (I don’t think it’s ugly at all, I think it’s cute and the hands look more clean), but because I always thought it was too common.
Besides, I never knew how to do them. LOL

One day, tired of only wearing the red nail polish from Arezzo, I decided to try. I took Morango Silvestre (a dark red varnish from Colorama) and took a shot. xD

Red french tips: Vermelho (Arezzo) + Morango Silvestre (Colorama)

I really liked the result! I improvised it, with scotch tape (really, scotch tape). Any other day I’ll post a tutorial about it!
Other frech tips I did it using the same technique:

Different french tips: Coral Chic (Colorama) + Filete (Risqué)

I picked the golden one for the tips because Coral Chic has little golden sparkles. I thought that it would match.

Sparkly/mat french tips: Penélope (Impala) + Matt Plus (Big Univeso)

This experiment didn’t work out so well. LOL
You couldn’t quite see the difference in the hand, I find it difficult to do the sparkly/matte french tip (with any nail polish) again.

Carnivale french tips: Mattefluors (Impala), Glitter (Big Universo) and Matt Plus (Big Universo) + Starlet (Impala)

I wore it on Carnival, but I think would wear it like any other nail polish. The biggest problem about Starlet (Impala) is that, as a french tip, it’s too thick.

What about you? Have ever done a different french tip? Send it by e-mail to and tell us! =)

Smack! =*


Original post by Fê Serodio. Translated by Aline Diniz.

french tips 
20.07.2010 às 20:49
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Esmaltoteca is now in English too! =D

I’ve noticed that the website has been accessed by other countries, like US, France, Mexico, Japan, Germany, Canada (and we even got some visitors from Norway!). So nothing better than to expand all this content to those who don’t speak Portuguese. That way, people will understand the content itself, and not only be looking at the pictures. xD

I chose English mostly because it’s almost a universal language.

The english version of Esmaltoteca is going to be a hole new website.

Aline Diniz is the cutie that’s gonna help me and translate the posts. In fact, the whole idea was hers and I loved it!

Esmaltoteca’s English version will not have all the posts that are on the original version, only a few that will be chosen to be published there. You can also suggest the posts that are to be translated too! =)

So that’s it. Now Esmaltoteca is bilingual! =)

Smack! =*


Original post by Fê Serodio. Translated by Aline Diniz.

22.05.2010 às 22:03
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